A.中文名称:新加坡南洋孔教会;英文名称:“Nanyang Confucian Association”。以下简称“本会”。

B. 注册地址为511 Guillemard Road, #02-35 Grandlink Square, Singapore 399849。董事会可决议更改注册地址,但须得到社团注册局批准。

C. 宗旨

1. 传播孔子思想;发扬儒家学说。为往聖继绝学,为万世开太平。
2. 弘扬中华优良价值观:忠孝仁爱、礼义廉耻。
3. 为促进不同文化与宗教的互信互通、和谐共处做出贡献。
4. 为提升国人的素养,建设一个和而不同的儒雅社会而努力。
5. 加强与社会各界、各文化团体和全球儒学组织的联系,共同促进人类文明事 业的发展。

A. The Society shall be named “Nanyang Confucian Association”, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

B. Its place of business shall be at “511 Guillemard Road, #02-35 Grandlink Square, Singapore 399849” or such other address as may subsequently be decided upon by the Committee and approved by the Registrar of Societies. The Association shall carry out its activities only in places and premises which have the prior written approval from the relevant authorities, where necessary.

C. Mission

1. To propagate the Confucian ideology and promote the Confucianism School of Thoughts. Preserve and carry forward past cultural teachings, establish peace for all future generations.
2. To promote the worthy Chinese values: loyalty and filial piety, courtesy and honesty.
3. To make unremitting efforts for the promotion of mutual trust and harmony for the coexistence of different cultures and religions.
4. To elevate the civility of the people for the building of a harmonious society that accepts differences.
5. To strengthen relationships with all sectors of society, cultural groups and global Confucian organizations for the promotion of the development of human civilization.

A. 会员类别:会员分为

a. 普通会员
b. 核心会员
c. 附属会员(非公民)(Associate Member)

B. 普通会员

1. 资格:凡年龄达21岁或以上的新加坡公民与永久居民,愿意遵守本会章程者,均可申请加入成为普通会员。
2. 入会手续:须填写入会申请表格,经董事会审查批准,由秘书长发函通知申请者。在缴纳入会基金之后,即可成为普通会员。
3. 入会基金:入会基金为S$200(新币贰百元)。董事会有权调整入会基金。
4. 权利与义务

4.1 有权参加本会举办的活动及课程。
4.2 遵守本会章程及董事会与会员大会之决议案之义务。

C. 核心会员

1. 凡普通会员受董事会推荐并核准,即可成为核心会员。
2. 可以出席会员大会,有选举权及被选举权。
3. 其他条款与普通会员相同。

D. 附属会员

1. 资格:凡年龄达21岁或以上的非公民及非永久居民,可以申请成为附属会员。
2. 入会手续、入会基金、权利与义务与普通会员相同。

E. 会员资格调整

1. 董事会有权推荐及核准普通会员成为核心会员。
2. 董事会有权调整核心会员为普通会员。
3. 董事会在作出会员资格调整后,无须发信函通知有关会员。

F. 会员资格的丧失

1. 会员如被发现有行为不良,损坏本会名誉或利益之行动,经调查证实后,经本会董事会出席者三分之二通过后则有权立刻取消其会员资格。
2. 会员如欲自行退会,可用书面通知董事会。

A. Grouping of membership: –

a. Ordinary Members
b. Core Members
c. Associate Member (Non-Citizen)

B. Ordinary Member

1. Criteria: Ordinary Membership is open to all persons who are Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents of 21 years old and above and who are willing to abide by the Constitution of the Association.
2. Admission Procedure: Any person wishing to join the Association must complete the application form for membership.
He will be duly informed by the Secretary General after his application has been screened and approved by the Committee.
The membership is confirmed once the membership fee is paid.
3. Admission Fee: The entrance fee for Ordinary Membership is $200.00 and the Committee reserves the right to revise the entrance fee.
4. Rights and Obligations

All members have the right
4.1 To participate in activities and study courses run by the Association.
4.2 They shall abide by the Constitution and the resolutions reached at the meetings of the Committee and/or of the Association.

C. Core Membership

1. Any Ordinary member shall be eligible for Core Membership subject to the approval of the Committee.
2. Eligible to attend the General Meeting of members, have the right to vote and be elected into office.
3. Other terms and requirements are the same as Ordinary members.

D. Associate Member

1. Criteria: Associate Membership open to all persons who are Non-Singapore citizens, non-Singapore permanent residents of 21 years.
2. Admission procedures, membership funds, rights and obligations are the same as ordinary members.

E. Membership Adjustment

1. The Committee has the right to recommend and approve Ordinary Members to become Core Members.
2. The Committee has the right to adjust Core Members to Ordinary Members.
3. The Committee does not need to send a letter to inform the relevant members after making the membership adjustments.

F. Disqualification of Membership

1. Any member found guilty of committing an act prejudicial to the reputation and interest of the Association shall have his membership cancelled with immediate effect, if it is approved by two-thirds of members attending the Committee Meeting
2. Any member who wishes to quit the Association may do so by writing to the Committee.


A. 常年会员大会

1. 常年会员大会于每年1月至5月间举行。
2. 常年会员大会法定人数为30名核心会员,或核心会员总数的25%,以少者为准。
3. 会议开始时未达法定人数,主席可延迟1/2小时召开会议。届时若法定人数仍然不足,大会可正式召开,但无权修改章程。
4. 任何动议必须得到过半数出席者之同意方得决议。
5. 会员大会的开会通知书应在开会日之前12天寄给核心会员。
6. 会员如有任何提案,须于大会召开前6天以书面提交秘书长。
7. 常年会员大会议程可包括:

7.1 去年的会务及财务报告。
7.2 在选举年选举董事会成员及审计员。
7.3 重新委任产业信托人。
7.4 推选及辞退永久名誉会长。

B. 特别会员大会

1. 如遇特别事故;董事会可决定召开特别会员大会。
2. 有30名核心会员或核心会员总数的25%,用书面联署提出申请召开特别会员大会,以书面形式向秘书长提呈会议的讨论事项。董事会须在收到联署申请的两个月内召开特别会员大会。
3. 若董事会在收到书面联署申请两个月内未能召开特别会员大会,申请召开会员大会的核心会员则可自行召开特别会员大会;但必须于大会召开至少12日前通知所有核心会员并阐明讨论事项。

The supreme authority of the Association is vested in a General Meeting of the members.
A. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

1. The AGM shall be held between the months of January and May yearly.
2. The quorum of the AGM is at least 25% of the total voting membership, i.e. Core Members or 30 voting members, whichever is the lesser.
3. In the event of there being no quorum at the commencement of a General Meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned for half an hour and should the number then present be still insufficient to form a quorum, those present shall be considered a quorum, but they shall have no power to amend any part of the existing Constitution
4. For a motion to be adopted as a resolution, it requires the concurrence of more than half of the voting members attending the meeting.
5. Notice of meeting should be sent to members 12 days before the meeting is to be convened.
6. Any member who wishes to include his proposal on the agenda of the General Meeting may do so, provided a notice in writing has been given to the Secretary – General one week before the meeting is due to be held.
7. The following points will be considered at the AGM:

7.1 The previous financial year’s accounts and annual report of the Committee. Financial report must bear the signatures of the President, Treasurer and Auditors.
7.2 Where applicable, the election of office bearers and Auditors for the following term.
7.3 To appoint the Trustees of the Association
7.4 To elect and discharge the Permanent Honorary President.

B Extraordinary General Meeting

1. In the event of any special purpose, an Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee.
2. Extraordinary General Meeting may be requested by 25% of the total Core membership or 30 Core members, whichever is the lesser. The notice in writing shall be given to the Secretary setting forth the business that is to be transacted. The Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened within two (2) months from receiving this request to convene the Extraordinary General Meeting.
3. If the Committee does not within two (2) months after the date of the receipt of the written request proceed to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, the members who requested for the Extraordinary General Meeting shall convene the Extraordinary General Meeting by giving twelve (12) days’ notice to all Core members setting forth the business to be transacted.

A. 董事会选举

1. 只有核心会员可提名、附议及选举与被选出任董事。
2. 董事会任期届满前成立选举委员会,负责新一届董事会选举事务。
3. 选举委员会由现任董事会推荐5名董事组成。
4. 选举委员会责任如下:

4.1 推举一人为选举委员会主席。
4.2 确定会员大会日期以进行选举。
4.3 必须在选举日之前12天寄发选举通知书及提名表格给核心会员。
4.4 每人只能提交一张提名表格。
4.5 每张表格最多可提名四个候选人。
4.6 审查及确保候选人及提名者附议者之资格。
4.7 每张提名表格必须有提名人、附议及候选人的签名方为有效。

5. 董事会人数为19位。
6. 候选人若刚好19位或少于19位,则自动当选。
7. 候选人若超过19位,则应在会员大会上进行票选;得票多数者当选。
8. 选举委员会必须在会员大会后12天内召开复选会议,以确定董事职务。
9. 在复选会议上,选举出以下职务:

会长 1位
常务副会长 1位
副会长 1位
秘书长 1位
财务长 1位
文化学术出版组主任 1位
会员事务组主任 1位
社会事务组主任 1位
青年团团长 1位
董事 10位

10. 若有多於一人被提名某职务,则进行票选,得票多者当选。
11. 复选结束后,新董事会立刻开始履行职务。
12. 同时选举委员会即刻解散。
13. 董事会一届任期三年。
14. 除财务长外,董事会其他职位皆可连任。
15. 董事会由19位当选董事及上届会长组成。

B. 前任会长(指上一届会长)

1. 给予董事会必要的咨询。
2. 若会长继任,就不设上届会长之职位。

C. 董事会会议

1. 董事会会议每三个月至少举行一次。
2. 董事会会议的法定人数为半数董事成员。
3. 董事会会议应在7天前寄发通知。
4. 任何董事若连续无故缺席三次董事会议,将自动丧失董事资格。董事会成员若有变动,当于两周内通知社团注册官。

D. 董事会责任

1. 负责制定与执行本会的会务与活动。
2. 执行会员大会的议决案。
3. 章程中所未规定之事项;董事会有权做决定。
4. 管理及应用本会之资产。
5. 聘请工作人员执行会所日常运作及组织会务活动。
6. 对损害本会名誉与违反章程的会员,采取纪律行动,包括开除其会员资格。
7. 召开常年会员大会或特别会员大会。
8. 董事会有权批准不超过S$50,000(新币伍万元)的单项开支。
9. 超过S$50,000(新币伍万元)的单项开支须经会员大会批准。
10. 董事会不得进行商业活动。
11. 董事会可邀请适当人士成为学术顾问、名誉会长、会务顾问、法律顾问、名誉董事。除永久名誉会长外,任期與董事会相同。
12. 董事会有权提名不超过5名核心会员作为候补董事,候补董事将协助董事会工作。
13. 本会之银行支票及银行相关文件的签署需由以下两组中各一人签署方为有效:


14. 董事会人数不足19位时,当届董事会可加以委任补充不足的人选。
15. 除了19名当选董事外,为配合会务的需要,当届会长也可向董事会推荐不超过3位核心会员出任受邀董事,受邀董事与当选董事具有同等职权。
16. 受邀董事的任期与当届董事任期一致。

E. 常务董事

1. 常务董事成员:

会长 1名
常务副会长 1名
秘书长 1名
财务长 1名
文化学术出版主任 1名
会员事务主任 1名
社会事务主任 1名

2. 常务董事会有权处理孔教会一切紧急事务。
3. 常务董事会议视情况需要而召开。
4. 常务董事会议的法定人数为常务董事的半数成员。

F. 董事会成员之职权

1. 会长

1.1 董事会与会员大会之当然主席。
1.2 代表本会与外界之联系。
1.3 主持本会一切会务及领导各董事处理会务。
1.4 拥有一额外决定票(当赞成票和反对票相等时)。
1.5 能根据会务的需要对常务董事的职位作更动,但须经董事会通过方为有效。

2. 前任会长(指上一届会长)

2.1 刚卸任之上届会长,自动成为下 届董事会成员,提供必要之咨询。
2.2 仅可留任一届。

3. 常务副会长

3.1 与会长分工督导文化学术出版组、社会事务组、会员事务组及青年团。
3.2 协助会长领导会务。
3.3 当会长请假或不在国内时,以代会长的身份负起会长的职务与责任。

4. 副会长

4.1 与会长分工督导文化学术出版组、社会事务组、会员事务组及青年团。
4.2 协助会长领导会务。
4.3 当会长与常务副会长都请假或不在国内时,以代会长的身份负起会长 的职务与责任。

5. 秘书长

5.1 安排召开董事会及会员大会。
5.2 负责及保管本会之会议记录以及一切书信来往。
5.3 负责保管与更新会员的资料及办理会员的入会手续。
5.4 负责执行董事会之议决案,管理职员及会内之一切行政工作。

6. 财务长

6.1 记录与保管本会的全部来往账目,并呈交董事会及会员大会审查。
6.2 有权保留S$1,000(新币壹仟元)之现金以支付日常开支。
6.3 制作常年财政预算案。

7. 文化学术出版主任

7.1 推动中华文化的发展。
7.2 开办课程,主办各种文教之活动。
7.3 负责所有文化、教育、学术及出版之事务。

8. 会员事务主任

8.1 主导招募与联系新会员。
8.2 主办会员联谊会,加强会员的凝聚力。

9. 社会事务主任

9.1 推动与其他文教团体的联系。
9.2 协助会长处理与会外有关的事务,包括接待国内外代表。

10. 青年团团长

10.1 招募年龄21至45岁的团员。
10.2 动员青年团,参与和配合董事会所主办的一切活动。
10.3 代表青年团与其他文化团体的青年团进行交流。
10.4 带领团委开展青年团的活动。

A. Elections

1. A Core Member is eligible to nominate and express his support for the nomination; he can also stand for election and be elected as Committee member.
2. An Election Committee shall be formed prior to the expiry of the Committee so as to facilitate the election of the new Committee.
3. The Election Committee shall be made up of five directors recommended by the present Committee.
4. The duties of the Election Committee are –

4.1 To elect the Chairman of the Election Committee.
4.2 To fix the date of AGM for election.
4.3 To send out notices of election together with nomination form to Core Members 12 days before the date of election.
4.4 Each person can only submit one nomination form.
4.5 To ensure that not more than the names of 4 candidates are included in the nomination form.
4.6 To screen the qualifications of the candidates and their seconders.
4.7 The nomination form shall be considered valid only if it bears the signatures of the proposer, the seconder and the candidate.

5. The maximum number of Committee members shall be 19.
6. Where there are 19 or less nominees, they shall be declared as duly elected to the Committee at the AGM.
7. Balloting shall be carried out at the AGM when the number of candidates exceeds 19; the candidate with majority of the ballot will be elected.
8. The Election Committee is to preside over the Meeting of office-bearers to nominate and elect the positions in the Committee within twelve (12) days and inform those elected Committee Members.
9. During the Meeting, the following positions shall be elected:

President (1)
Executive Vice-President (1)
Vice-President (1)
Secretary – General (1)
Treasurer (1)
Cultural, Arts and publication officer (1)
Member Affairs officer (1)
Social Affairs officer (1)
Chairman of Youth Group (1)
Ordinary Committee members (10)

10. Balloting shall be carried out if there is more than one candidate being nominated for the same designation.
11. The new Committee shall assume duties once the respective office bearers are elected.
12. The Election Committee shall be dissolved once the respective office bearers are elected.
13. The term of the Committee shall be three years.
14. All members of the Committee, except the Treasurer may be re-elected to the same or related post for a consecutive term of office.
15. Committee is made up of 19 elected Committee Members and the Immediate Past President.

B. Immediate Past President (referring to the previous president)

1. To provide the Committee with necessary consultation.
2. If the current president succeeds, there will be no position for the Immediate Past President.

C. Committee Meeting

1. The Committee Meeting shall be held at least once in three months.
2. The quorum for the Committee meeting shall be half of the total number of Members in the Committee.
3. A notice should be given 7 days before the Committee is to meet.
4. Any member of the Committee absenting themselves from three meetings consecutively without satisfactory explanations shall be automatically disqualified from The Committee. Any changes in the Committee shall be notified to the Registrar of Societies within two (2) weeks of the change.

D. Responsibilities of the Committee

1. To formulate and implement activities of the Association.
2. To implement the resolutions adopted by the General Meeting of members.
3. The Committee has the right to make decisions in all matters not stipulated in the Constitution
4. To manage and utilize the assets of the Association.
5. To be responsible for recruiting new office staff to perform the day-to-day operations of this association and organize activities.
6. To take disciplinary action against those who damage the reputation of the Confucian Association and those who violate the Constitution; including sacking those who fail to abide by the Constitution.
7. To convene AGM and Extraordinary General Meeting.
8. The Committee has the authority to sanction any single item of expenditure not exceeding S$50,000.00.
9. Any expenditure in excess of S$50,000.00 shall have to be approved by the General Meeting.
10. The Committee shall not engage in any commercial activities.
11. The Committee may invite suitable persons to be the Academic Adviser, Honorary President, Honorary Adviser, Honorary Legal Advisor, Committee Member, whose terms of office shall be similar to those of the Committee Members, with the exception of Permanent Honorary President.
12. The Committee is empowered to nominate not more than 5 Core Members as reserve Committee Members. Such reserves shall assist the Committee.
13. All banking transactions shall be signed by two authorised signatories, who shall each be from one of the following two Groups:

Group A: President or Vice-President (Administration);
Group B: Treasurer or Secretary-General

14. If the number of Committee Members is less than 19, the Committee may appoint person(s) to fill up the insufficient number.
15. Besides the 19 Committee Members and Immediate Past President, the President can recommend not more than 3 Core Members to serve as Invited Committee Members according to the activities of the Association. Invited Committee Members will enjoy the same authority as the elected Committee Members.
16. Term of office of Invited Committee Members is the same as the Committee.

E. Standing Committee

1. The Standing Committee shall consist of:

Executive Vice-President
Cultural, Arts and Publication officer
Member Affairs Officer
Social Affairs Officer

2. The Standing Committee is empowered to handle all urgent matters of the Association.
3. The Standing Committee Meeting may be called whenever there is a need to do so.
4. The quorum for the Standing Committee Meeting shall be half of the total number of Members in the Standing Committee.

F. Powers of the Executive Committee.

1. President

1.1 The President shall chair all General Meetings and Committee Meetings.
1.2 He shall represent the Association in its dealings with outside persons.
1.3 He shall lead in managing the affairs of the Association together with all the other Committee Members.
1.4 He shall have the casting vote (in the event of equal votes).
1.5 He can adjust the positions of the Standing Committee according to the activities of the Association upon the Committee’s approval.

2. Immediate Past President

2.1 Previous President, once stepped down, shall automatically become a member of the next Committee, providing necessary consultation to the Committee.
2.2 He shall hold office only for a term.

3. Executive Vice President

3.1 He shall assist President with supervision of the Cultural, Academic and Publishing group, Social Affairs group, Member Affairs group and Youth group.
3.2 He shall assist the President in leading meetings.
3.3 He shall assume the position and responsibility of the President when the President is on leave or is not in the country.

4 Vice President

4.1 He shall assist the President with supervision of the Cultural, Academic and Publishing group, Social Affairs group, Member Affairs group and Youth group.
4.2 He shall assist the President in leading meetings.
4.3 He shall assume the position and responsibility of the President when the President and the Executive Vice President is on leave or is not in the country.

5. Secretary – General

5.1 He shall be responsible for convening the Committee Meeting as well as the General Meeting.
5.2 He shall keep all the records books of the Association as well as handle all the Association’s correspondences.
5.3 He shall see that the dossiers of members are updated and check the applications for new membership.
5.4 He shall implement the Resolution(s) of the Committee, besides handling the day – to day affairs of the Association.

6. Treasurer

6.1 He shall keep an account of all money transactions that is to be forwarded to the Committee and AGM for perusal.
6.2 He is authorized to keep a petty cash amounting to S$1,000.00 for daily expenditure.
6.3 He shall prepare the annual budget of the Association.

7. Cultural, Arts and Publication Officer

7.1 To promote the development of the Chinese culture.
7.2 To run relevant classes and organize various other activities.
7.3 To take charge of all other cultural, educational, art and publishing matters.

8. Member Affairs Officer

8.1 To recruit new members
8.2 To organize get-together for members aimed at strengthening cohesion.

9 Social Affairs Officer

9.1 Promote interaction with other cultural and educational groups.
9.2 Assist the President in handling matters related to external social affairs, including receiving representatives from home and abroad.

10 Chairman of Youth Group

10.1 To recruit members aged 21 to 45.
10.2 To mobilize the Youth Group to participate and cooperate with all activities hosted by the Committee.
10.3 Represent the Youth Group in promoting exchange activities with other cultural associations’ Youth Groups.
10.4 Responsible for leading the Youth Group in initiating and executing all Youth Group related activities.

  1. 本会可以购买和拥有不动产。
  2. 本会可以向银行或金融公司贷款以购买不动产。
  3. 保管本会一切不动产及契据,并需签订信托书交本会保存。
  4. 除非得到会员大会法定出席人数之2/3批准外无权变卖或转让与典押本会产业。
  5. 执行会员大会法定出席人数之2/3通过置业或出售之议决案。
  6. 凡会员大会通过买卖不动产时,代表本会签名,签名之信托人须至少两位及盖本会印章方为有效。
  7. 若信托人逝世、破产或神智不清或长期离开本国连续一年以上者,则被认为已辞职论。
  8. 倘若行为不检以致不适合执行信托人职务时,则本会须要召开会员大会取消其信托人职位,并另选他人以承其缺。
  9. 信托人名额3名到4名。
  10. 代表孔教会接受会员与公众人士所捐赠之产业或股票证券。
  11. 任何不动产与信托人若有更动,一个月内必需向社团注册局报告。
  1. The Association shall have the right to buy and hold immovable property.
  2. The Association shall have the right to apply for any loan for the acquisition of immovable property from banks or financial companies.
  3. The Trustees shall keep the title deeds of all the immovable property belonging to the Association and shall sign a Trust Deed to be kept by the Association.
  4. The Trustees have no power to sell or mortgage the property of the Association without the consent of two-thirds of the members attending the General Meeting.
  5. The Trustees shall implement the resolutions that have been approved by two-thirds of the members attending the General Meeting.
  6. The Trustees shall sign on behalf of the Association if the deal to buy or sell any immovable property has been approved by the General Meeting. But such deal can only be valid if the number of Trustees who sign the deal exceeds half of the total number of Trustees and also bears the stamp of the Association.
  7. The office of a Trustee shall be considered to have been vacated if he dies or becomes a bankrupt, or is of unsound mind, or is absent from the Republic of Singapore for a period of a year and more.
  8. The Association shall have to call a General Meeting for removing a Trustee who is found to be guilty of misconduct and hence unfit to discharge his duty as a Trustee. Another Trustee then shall be elected to fill the vacant post.
  9. The number of Trustees shall be 3.
  10. The Trustees shall receive on behalf of the Association donations either in the form of properties, or stocks from members of the Association as well as from the public.
  11. Any subsequent change to the immovable property, and the name of any Trustee must be notified to the Registrar of Societies within one (1) month.
  1. 董事会可将存款用于投资股票、债券等,以增加收入。
  2. 董事会必须委任三人信托投资小组提呈投资建议,由董事会通过,才能进行。
  3. 超过S$300,000或累积存款的50%用作投资,必须经会员大会批准,以较低额为准。
  1. The Committee may use the funds of the Association to invest in stocks, bonds, etc., so as to increase income of the Association.
  2. The Committee shall appoint a trust of three members to present an investment proposal to be approved by the Committee.
  3. The amount of investment in excess of S$300,000 or 50% of the total balance of the Funds, whichever lower, must be approved by the AGM/EOGM.
  1. 由常年会员大会选出二位非董事会成员的核心会员为本会内部审计员。内部审计员任期三年, 期满可连任一次。依照社团条例第四章,若本会一年的收入或开支超过S$500,000(新币伍拾万元),则必需由注册会计师审查帐目。
  2. 负责查核及签署本会每年账目,以呈交常年会员大会。
  3. 财政年为一月一日至十二月三十一日。
  1. Two (2) Core Members, not being Members of the Committee, shall be elected as internal Auditors at an Annual General Meeting and will hold office for a term of three years only and may be re-elected for a consecutive term. The accounts of the Association shall be audited by a firm of Certified Public Accountants if the gross income or expenditure of the Association exceeds $500,000 in that financial year, in accordance with Section 4 of the Societies Act/Regulations.
  2. The Auditors shall check and sign the annual statements of accounts before submitting them to the General Meeting of members.
  3. The financial year shall be from 1 January to 31 December.
  1. 本会章程必须经会员大会通过,才可修改。
  2. 会员大会通过的章程修改必须得到社团注册官的批准方为有效。
  1. Any amendments to this Constitution shall be approved at a General Meeting.
  2. Any amendments to the Constitution approved at a General Meeting must be approved by the Registrar of Societies to be effective.
  1. 如果对本章程的解释产生疑问或争执,则董事会有权做出詮释。董事会之决定为最终决定,只有会员大会才有权推翻并另作诠释。
  2. 中英文章程若有差别,则以英文版为准。
  1. Whenever there is a dispute arising from doubt over the interpretation of certain provisions in the Constitution, the Committee shall have the power to provide an annotation about that matter. The decision made by the Committee shall be final unless reversed at the General Meeting of members.
  2. When there is a difference between the Chinese version of the Constitution and the English version of the Constitution, the English version of the Constitution shall prevail.


The Association has fixed Lunar calendar 8th month, 27th as the Commemorative Day of the birth of Confucius, and the Committee shall decide the ceremonial procedures for holding the commemorative ceremony.

  1. 除了获得私人彩票法案批准的私人彩票,不可在本会会所进行任何形式的赌博活动。禁止将赌博或吸毒用品以及任何品行不端者带入会所。
  2. 不可用本会资金支付会员罚款。
  3. 本会不可涉及新加坡依照现行的工会法所规定的工会活动。
  4. 本会不可进行政治活动,也不得用本会资金或会所进行政治活动。
  5. 除非有相关当局批准,不得用本会或董事会的名义举办任何形式的彩票,无论是否只限于会员。
  6. 在未获得新加坡警察部队执照部的副主管及其他相关当局书面批准前,本会不得向社会公众募款。
  1. Gambling of any kind, excluding the promotion or conduct of a private lottery which has been permitted under the Private Lotteries Act Cap 250, is forbidden on the Association’s premises. The introduction of materials for gambling or drug taking and of bad characters into the premises is prohibited.
  2. The funds of the Association shall not be used to pay the fines of members who have been convicted in court of law.
  3. The Association shall not engage in any trade union activity as defined in any written law relating to trade unions for the time being in force in Singapore.
  4. The Association shall not indulge in any political activity or allow its funds and/or premises to be used for political purposes.
  5. The Association shall not hold any lottery, whether confined to its members or not, in the name of the Association or its office‑bearers, Committee or members unless with the prior approval of the relevant authorities.
  6. The Association shall not raise funds from the public for whatever purposes without the prior approval in writing of the Assistant Director Operations, Licensing Division, Singapore Police Force and other relevant authorities.
  1. 本会除非由五分之三以上的核心会员,在为解散本会的会员大会上,亲自或委任投票同意下方能解散。
  2. 本会若解散,其债务以及法律责任完全免除;其剩余资产将捐给被政府认证的新加坡慈善机构。
  3. 本会解散后必需在七日内将解散通知书提呈给社团注册官。
  1. The Association shall not be dissolved, except with the consent of not less than three-fifths (3/5) of the total Core membership of the Association expressed, either in person or by proxy, at a General Meeting convened for the purpose.
  2. In the event of the Association being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Association shall be fully discharged, and the remaining funds will be disposed of in such manner as the General Meeting of members will determine to donate to an approved charity or charities in Singapore.
  3. A Certificate of Dissolution of the Association shall be given within seven (7) days of the dissolution to the Registrar of Societies.